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Default Market Rules

Hi guys, please do remember to follow these Rules when marketing. Much thanks!

Market rules. Most of the Sites carry an in-game market forum. These rules apply to these market forums.
  • Sellers must include an in-game name (IGN). This may be accomplished through the user info near the avatar, the signature, or explicitly in the selling post.
  • Trading of real currency is not allowed. We do not permit any type of trading that involves real money for game currency, game items, account sales, or for other financial profit to one or both parties.
  • Account sales/trades are not allowed if such trades violate the Terms of Service for the game to which they apply.
  • “Powerleveling” services are allowed provided they are paid by only in-game currency or items and do not violate the Terms of Service for the game to which they apply.
  • All Selling (S>) threads must include:
    1. Name of the item.
    2. An absolute price for the item.
    3. Seller’s IGN/server/channel for contact.
  • All Auction (A>) threads must include:
    1. Name of item, starting bid (S/B) price.
    2. Minimum increase (M/I).
    3. An absolute end time.
    The maximum amount of time for an auction is 96 hours from the time the auction is posted. Items on auction may not be vended in game unless they are vended at their auto-win price (A/W), if any. Auctioning the same item in multiple forums is not allowed.
  • All Buying (B>) threads must include:
    1. Name of item.
    2. Buyer’s offer.
    3. Buyer’s IGN/server/channel for contact.
  • Editing of posts is not allowed in the market section to reduce the risk of scamming. This includes using an image for your item list hosted on a 3rd party website.
  • Gavist Media LLC is not responsible for market transactions. It is your responsibility to check the seller/buyer’s iTrader rating before completing a transaction. Please leave appropriate iTrader feedback on the seller/buyer to better assist others in making informed decisions. Gavist assumes no liability for trades conducted on our Sites or Services.
  • Limited “cash shop” trading is allowed. Specific rules regarding these trades are based upon the individual games’ Terms of Service documents. In general, selling “cash points” is not allowed; you must offer specific items or nothing at all. You may not use our market forums to trade for real currency. If cash shop trades, in any capacity, are not allowed by a game’s Terms of Service then it is not allowed in our market forum. Gavist assumes no liability if your account is banned due to a fraudulent or illegal cash shop trade.

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