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Default Debater's Real Names

Hey, post your real names. Spam will be deleted without any notice. Making fun of names will result in post-deletion as well.

Andrew Chia (FireMuffin)- I'm half Malaysian if you were wondering about my last name ;o
Gerhart (Blue) <--- what anooob
Matthew (Duber)
Henry (Khmer2K1d5)
Andrew Chia (FireMuffin)
Phuc Duong-Thien Tran (WhatThePhuc)
Gage (Gage)
Rick (MyEyo)
Jackie (BloodVeil)
Wilfrido (GodOfFaith)
Roniel Aperocho (Ronin)
Ryan (Pwntang)
Ken (DragonMageKen)
Dean (Swords)
Simon (Vaizado)
Cory (Katorskay)
khyle (silent_†ears)
Michelle (Moffite)
Ivy Rose Ann Janer (YukitchiSan)
Youp (LittleLegend)
Viktor (Moctezumo)
Yuki Sukunami (Memoir)
Bryan (Danjo)
Roniel Aperocho (Ronin)
Hector (Hector)
Eric (Avarice)
John (Äpathy)
Danzig (DemiGodDanzig)
Tori (toribunnybearbunnybearsomething)
Artemicion Verlaine (Artemicion)
Srun (Vetin)
Anthony (HolyAbyssal)
Steve (WhiteMamba)
Tim (BlackRose)

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