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Default GrandChase Combos/Tactics

I know some of you must have some kind of offensive or defensive tactics to keep your enemy at bay.
Post your own tactics,
or comment on other peoples tactics ^^
Also please put in who it's best to use against,
If it has a stength against another character.
Please do not say Ottoshot, that exploits glitches

Offensive Lire Tactic #1:
Fatality Shot!
Use BigShot (MP Bar 1 Of Lire, 3 Times)
The 3 Shots must be used one after another when an Elesis or another character comes near you,
When stunned and in fatal by the 3 paralyzing shots, quickly grab the character before the slow down time ends.
Note: May not bring to Fatal if opponent has lots of defense.

More to come:

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