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Originally Posted by Lendisa
Wait, why Lawolf? D8
Why not...Mia~! <3 Where my 66 RM sits around all day doing nothing! >.>

But if HAS to be on Lawolf..NEW CHARACTER TIEM LULS. What class should I make? o.o
make another RM or make a sexy BP.

Update on my char
Level 37(gets her butt kicked at tombstones because they either kill me 3 hits regularly or 2 hits with crits)
Currently learning:Crossline(Don't know why though,I'm resetting my skills at 60 since I'm using junk arrow to level and want to become a yo-yo jester)
Currently fighting:manager Cardpuppets(because they don't eff-in kill me in 3 hits and still give me .49-.50%)
Currently needing:Money and more STA/STR(Is pumping up dex to 92 since I'll be soloing without buffs most of the time,then gotta add 40 STA to live,then finally I get to add str) -_-

If it isn't for the 4x crit bonus I would have so low damage because I'd have very low str.

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