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Originally Posted by Leenalia
Ugh no.

I had a total of $104. Walmart was $51, the restaurant was $31.
Altogether it was $82...therefor I should have $22 left right? Wrong, I don't have $22 I have -$18. Ugh my bank does this to me all the time, it never does this to my fiance. Bank is Bank of America.

When I logged on today my checking was -$40-ish and I had $20 in savings...thus leaving me at -$18 instead of just $22.

Bank is Bank of America.

I highlighted your problem. BoA is one of the worst banks ever, right up there with Wells Fargo and Washington Mutual (WaMu).

Many banks make their money by screwing you over, and BoA does this best, even by selling your bank info away for a measly 30 cents.

It'd be a miracle if they helped you, they'll likely give you the run around and deposit your money late, so they can overdraft you more, I recommend trying to fix it and not spending anything until you get it in writing that there's money in the account.