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Default The bet

Some know of it, and some don't, but heres the info about what's been going on. Those who are participatin in the bet will remain anonymous whether they like it or not (if you want to reveal yourself just say it here).

Sometimes last week there was a discussion (Which i wasn't part of)that in about 6 months someone would reach lvl 400. Someone else had said someone would reach 400 within a month (in reference to RentonSeven). A bet took place, (dunno what it was between those 2 people, but another was set on me) it will take Renton 1 month to reach 400, if not he has 2 options:

-Give his coon to the winner of the bet (absolutely no idea who that is)
-Completely delete it

Under no circumstances will I ever give my coon away, even if I quit. I won't even give it to my gf. So if I don't make it I will delete it myself.

At first I was unaware of this bet, but once I was informed, I was not going to participate in the bet. However... I've decided, I will take this bet seriously. I have accepted it and will be 100% liable for the results. I will not run, I will not hide from this if I lose. Even if my coon is deleted, I won't quit TO, I have too many friends that I will leave behind if I do so.

Why have I accepted this bet? To prove I have the confidence in reaching 400. Not only that, I will show you the meaning of determination. I will be a man of my word on this issue. No running away, and no hiding within the shadows.

I will reach 400, I will not falter to any1's drama, I will succeed in becoming the first to 400 in eTO. I'll do whatever it takes to reach it.

How to view Renton's Progress:

View InnoSensei's Sig and look at RentonSeven (aka InnoSensei)'s info on site.


Lvl 385 (14 days to get 400) {1478.3}

Lvl is obvious, so is days left.
the number in the {} is the % left to reach 400

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