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how i shot gaem?
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Originally Posted by xKeichi

I'm not sure if you saw this on MT, but I'll post here again.
Since you are writing a guide about pure HP charms, there are some of my opinions about certain things.

I suggest to not cast this skill if your team member can support themselves. If the team has a member who is constantly getting hit, cast bodyguard. The reason to not cast it every time is because your current HP determines your Impelling Rage or Power Charging skill.

Impelling Rage/Power Charging:
I think you should separate the minimum HP requirement for Impelling Rage and Power Charging. The reason is because Power Charging is stronger than Impelling Rage and requires a lower minimum HP to deal the same damage as Impelling Rage.
I would say that the minimum requirement for Impelling Rage would be 20k or more. The reason is currently I have 25k+ HP [ not going to say it ] and I deal 10k [ 15-17k crit ] damage against other charms using Impelling Rage. Now the minimum requirement for Power Charging...I have no idea.

Siren Song:
Sadly I have to disagree with you about Siren Song not being as good as Impelling Rage. Of course it would never match up to Power Charging. My Siren can also deal 10k+ damage and I'll tell you something, my DP is pretty low compared to other charms.

Sumo Suit:
Nothing to say...just get it. [ It shouldn't be considered a theory, it's a fact ] A few nights ago a bunch of us were dueling [ all hybrid coons ] and usually we deal 10k+ using One Pair when fighting, but using Sumo Suit it reduced our damage to a pathetic 5-6k.

Team Bolster:
I don't think Team Bolster should even be under the "get it if you want" skill category. Team Bolster is the best skill to have to power up your DP and help your siren damage. Of course this is only for GVG purposes. It doesn't matter if you cast Study Shield and Shield All with only a few people around, it's better to get a little bit more DP to do a little bit more damage.
I agree with you on most of your points and I'm grateful for your input. Most of what I have down is from info I've gained on my own. On your point for Bodyguard, I agree with you but usually you would have to cast it because even with it some people get killed in one hit. From what I've seen in GvG, it's better to always cast Bodyguard than to not cast it because you'll never know what happens. Even if it does decrease the damage of your HP skills you're mostly using your other skills - One Pair, Volley Kick, Siren Song for hybrids and Full House for pures.

I know 15k HP isn't great for impelling Rage damage, but it's enough for the skill to be useful. Around levels 13x - 17x, 14k - 17k HP is usually what a pure HP charm's HP would be for training. That's enough for Impelling Rage to be useful in a lot of situations. I'm sure it's enough for Power Charging too. Now, for GvG, I think any sort of HP charm shouldn't go in with less than 20k HP.

For Siren Song, what I have up in the guide is info I gained myself. I haven't played with the skill enough to really tell how useful/powerful it is. This guide is still in the baby stages so a lot of changes need to be made as test skills and get info from other people like you.

Thanks for the confirmation on Sumo. Greatly appreciated. xD

And thanks for the info on Team Bolster. I'll make sure to fit it in the guide somewhere.

All of the info you've given will be very useful for the development of the guide. Thanks a lot. 8D

Originally Posted by Kiara
I know that everyone already recommends not going Pure with an HP build, but it never hurts to back up that recommendation more. 8D Seriously, you, and everyone else who believes this are right. Pure Cats only have one skill that depend on HP, so just, don't go Pure, and have HP in your build. .___. (unless you really want it o_O)

Hybrid Raccoons and Cats are pretty cool, since they get Super Hips+Sumo Suit. And actually, when you have 3xx+ HV, if I remember this correctly, Sumo Suit can actually reduce your damage by over 50% instead of 44%, since I believe it's an HV based skill. I've actually tested the skill when it first came out with under 3xx HV and over 3xx HV, and I believe that it does make a difference. o: 44-50% damage reduction is really a lot x.x;;

Gah~ I really love this guide! But when you have time, could you try to add a section for a 2HP/2HV build? I'm trying to make a Hybrid Cat with that build, and I don't think that everyone would want to go completely pure HP. o: <3 this guide! Keep up the good work on it. 8D There need to be more HP Charms!
Thanks for info, Icy. I agree on the pure Cats part, but some people just want more HP so I included it. And thanks for the comments. <3 The guide is still in the early stages, so other HP builds will be included as I fix things up and add more stuff.

Originally Posted by Kohane
Humm I'm making a HV Cat that will be a Diva.

Do you guys reccomend me to change to HV/HP or going into Full HP? If I get to the HV/HP build, the balancement will be worth? I dont know much about charm types, so I want some advices from advanced charm players x3. My kitteh is 4114 build, do I will need LK in the future in the eqs? Or Just AC/HV/HP/AP is fine? I'm putting all the bonus points into HV rite now. She is lv 31, so I can change some things before level up more x3.
It's really up to you what you do. I believe an HV/HP would be a smart decision. More HV is always welcome no matter; it increases your damage, evasion, and effects Mana Reflector and Sumo Suit by quite a bit. I believe this kind of build would be formidable in PvP/GvG but I wouldn't recommend using Bodyguard too much in GvG since your HP will be lower.

If you try it out, please let me know how things work out.

Originally Posted by Momijii
I'm kinda doing the opposite of Kiara.
I'm doing 2 AP/2 HP Diva. Though it might be a good idea to add a 2 [stat]/2 HP section. Some people might prefer that over Pure HP.

I plan on doing this:
Mst. Dodge Master
Mst. Sturdy Shield
(Level 10 Galder Throw if I can't handle it.)
Mst. Volley Kick
Mst. Mana Reflector
Level 10 Skunk Pouch
Mst. Siren Song
Mst. Shield All
Mst. Sumo Suit
Mst. Card Throw
Super Hips
Mst. One Pair
Mst. Impelling Rage
Team Bolster (It's a good skill for GvG)

I think that'll work. I hope lol.
I will be adding a hybrid HP build section in the near future. Your AP/HV build would be more offensive than the other HP builds.

For your skill build, I recommend mastering Skunk Pouch and leaving Card Strike at level 10. Volley Kick is a LOT stronger than Card Strike. The only reason you'd get Card Strike to level 10 is for One Pair. You should also consider Physical Training; it's 2360 less HP (at Master) that you don't have to put on your equipment.

To everyone: Thanks a lot for your replies and help. The info and suggestions given will be used to make the guide better and credit will be given. I apologize for taking so long to reply. I've been forgetting about this guide, but I will have at least a small update done soon. Again, thanks for all the help. 8D