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Default Pissed off at my bank!! yesterday I check and had $100+ of spending money. I was like okay....good enough and fiance had $32. We went out to eat and then went to Walmart. Altogether we spent $110 which fiance helped with the bill so I should be around $80 or so right? WRONG! I go to my bank's website and frikkin' A! They charged me for the Walmart purchases FIRST so I got charged $51 which brought my checking to negative and then the savings overdrafted so I was $30 or so short (I dunno how much) because of the frikkin' negative in checkings which shouldn't have happened and then they charged me the $31 for the restaurant which brought my entire account to -$18. I am pissed as hell right now.

First off, why would they frikkin charge me for the WALMART shopping when I shopped at 10:30 PM over there and the restaurant charge was at 7 PM?!?! If they would've done it chronologically...I would've had $20 left for the movies next week but f*** no, they had to screw the whole thing up and frikkin' put me in the f***ing negative! GD!! I'm angry!