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I have been considering Suicide since I was around 10... but I was too much of an coward...

Now I have found the only thing that motivates me to live on, my gf ^^

and here in Sweden, for not so long ago (I think half a year or something) we had an Suicide wave...
One person jumped in front of an train to commit suicide, she even stated that in her Blog so... (Beforehand of cource)
Then we had 8 kids in 2 days who also did that "because she Dared to do it"...
and then I do not know how many that lept... but it was at least 25 kids...

The hard part of it was that my friend lost 4 persons that way...
First his gf lept, dunno why...
Then 3 of his best friends also lept "because that they could not live without her"...
He also almost lept, but decided not to...

When I commit suicide, if I do, I will blow myself up on the scoolyard...
the plan is; Noone will get hurt, and I will try to make it that way...
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