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As someone that has attempted suicide twice and failed both times (obviously right? lol) i can tell you from experience that life aint that bad to take your own life. I tried the first time by knife and slicing my wrist cause i thought the world was too cruel to me...yes if you want to say i was an emo kid i was then i guess, i then tried a second time with a cord around my throat due to the tensions between myself and friends and family members over my ex fiance (see post in Marriage thread for details).

After both attempts i went to therapy for a bit and that was worse then the depression in all honestly i mean this woman was a quack in her field. But after that I came to a conclusion and that was that i would never try a third time, because something i am not is a person that fails a lot and to fail a third time was unacceptable. Saying that though im not looking to do it a third time life would have to be literally almost over for me to say i should end it. I have to many people i care about to try suicide again.

I have even spoken to small groups of people about it and people online about it to help them through it as well, Suicide is a growing killer of teens and young adults and the more people like myself and others are willing to share their experience and talk to others about it and help them through it the less likely there will be another Suicide victim.