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Originally Posted by BeanMarine
Marmar, I didn't know you drew! Your Rosetta one is amazing! The use of the unique colors gives me eye orgasms. More plz!!

EDIT: and "okay-sigmaker"? LIES. *punt*
More is on the way~ Sometimes I like shifting between super bland to super nuclear-oh-my-goodness colors. @_@

*gets booted* Well, I think I'm decent enough with them sigs

Originally Posted by Kudaranai
omg XO!!!!
no wai!!!!!

Originally Posted by Logicks
I love the carmelldansen picture!
Thanks! I should finish it but I think it's good as it is. *lazy*

Originally Posted by Himichu
Ohh, I never knew you drew as well >w<bbb I love how you use your colors, they blend well with each other. *-* YAY, more pet fanart
And I'm so loving your Caramelldansen animation lol
I'm quite a surprise
But yeah, I adore your fanart as well~ Maybe we could do a trade sometime?

Originally Posted by sunchip
for those who don't know marchen, he's a major signature design powerhouse (or for that matter, graphics in general) =] and by the looks of it, he can draw too
Man, I'm flattered It's an honor to have such kind words coming from you.

Originally Posted by LUNAtik
I'm a big fan of sketch-like drawings!
I love the colours you used on your drawings, especially on the Rosetta one, where you don't stay on the same color for shades, but actually use matching colours through it. I look forward to see more of your work.
Thank you so much! Experimenting with colors is fun, I'm just lucky that it sometimes turns out looking okay ;D

No nuclear colors this time around, but have a ghost colored Taniel:

I feel like I'm out for a picnic

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