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Don't know if i should post it here...but anyway...

I got bored and decided to find some informations about rose monsters...this is what i found 'till now

Isabele uses wind blade whenever she is damaged (and uses frequently)
D.michel uses stone strike whenever he is damaged (and uses frequently)
B.michel uses dodge maste and rust whenever he is damaged (and uses frequetly)...also, wen its HP gets really low, it uses cure till its HP gets to over 30%, or something close to that...

To find some status, i used my cat: MD:228; DP:652

Damages from rose 1 monsters:
Isabele:467; D.Michel:441; B.Michel:318; Isabele's wind blade:740; D.Michel's stone strike:686; B.michel's rust:-176AP, 18~20sec

So, considering magic dmg = Max magic dmg - MD and Phisical dmg = Max phisical dmg - DP and using the "exp method" to find monster's HP...

Isabele would have 1119AP, max wind blade dmg =968, and 5525HP
Michel would have 1093AP, max stone strike dmg =1338, and 5405HP
Balerino would have 970AP, 7880HP

Planning to seek informations about the rest of rose monsters