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Default STEP's Guide to ID3

Ice Dungeon 3 is a map that is different from most maps because there is a spot in the middle that spawns great coolems. once you kill a great coolem, another great coolem spawns in the middle. this is different than training on other maps because there is much less running in between kills. there are 4 monsters in the middle(power-type great coolems and great coolem Cs). greats are magic weak and Cs are gun weak (and physical weak?). if you can kill them quickly enough without breaks, then it is an effective training place that can match or even surpass other maps, even with a party(maybe not a 2.5, but sometimes its as good as 2.0) because of the constant kill rate. THE place to solo when you don't have a party. this guide will tell you just some basic things about training at id3 on power-type great coolems(the ones weak to magic), based on my own experiences training there. i'll also include tips on how to behave or respond to some situations while training. jewelia btw, it's not the same in fantasia, from what i've heard. i won't be done with this right away, since there's much to say, but i'll probably update once in a while. we'll start off with what equipment to use.

oh, and feel free to add questions, comments, etc.

1. What equipment to use
for magic type, MA is the main focus here, since you're trying to ohko. if you find that you have more MA equips on than you need, replace some offense with defense(hp,hv,lk,etc.) greats use attack skills on you like burning rave and shockwave, so you'll need defense to survive. i'd say they do about 5k crits? for the shield, i recommend hp, unless you have a godly hv shield. lk would not be very effective here, since it would only block normal attacks, but not the skills. for the rod, use one with high MA. MA is the main stat you're aiming for, so even if it's a 80 ma/ 3 lk rod, you should still use it. you should test and see which equipment combination works well for you.

for melee types, elemental% is the way to go. there's saint shield, golden lion shield, wedding shield, and inferno shield for comping % into. most swords can be comped with an element. there's the rings you can buy from myshop. inferno helm and cape can be comped with fire%. i dont think you need THAT much % to ohko. try to find a combination where you're not overkilling too much, and mix some defensive equips in for survivability.

2. Luring the Cs out
Cs are resistant to magic, so it's best to lure them out of the middle so that only the magic-weak greats are left. the best place to lure them out imo would be INSIDE, and make them stuck between the pillars. i do this by luring them past the fireplace, then running through between the pillar and the wall. the great coolem follows, and gets stuck next to the pillar, since it's too big to actually fit through. the reason luring them inside is better is because other people coming in might kill the Cs along the way. there's less chance of people killing the Cs if you lure them inside. with only the greats left, you don't have to worry about differentiating between magic-weak and magic-resist coolems. this allows for quick, constant kills. for afk spot, use the spot next to the bed.

3. Getting the spot
you wouldn't think there's such thing as grinding drama...but there is. since id3 is a good place to train, players will hog it, steal it, etc. I have been in countless ks wars when i used to train there. the best thing to do would to let whoever's already training there have the spot until they're finished. you can ask them when they will be done so you know when to check back. hijacking the spot from someone else might get you a bad reputation, if you care about that. if everyone followed the rules, the players who never sleep and train at id3 all day would have the advantage.

4. Great coolem questers
it's common that players will come to id3 wanting to do the great coolem quest. i'm usually generous about the questers, so i let them do it, or offer to help them. this can be beneficial if they finish the quest, and you can go back to training. You have the option of refusing to give the spot up. great coolems can be found at id4 too.

5. More than one person in the middle
it's possible for more than one person to train in the middle at the same time. you guys can agree to take top or bottom. players can help each other with party buffs for better training(pumping heart, aura of lk, etc.) and mages can heal. players can stay in a designated area within the middle and spam skills. i've seen a set-up where wind mages cast whirlwind and lightning mages cast telsa field. be polite to each other and try not to hog too many kills and it will go just fine.

6. Hijack
i WOULD post a guide on how to counter hijackers, but that could also be used to hijack in the first place, so no
just stay alert
if someone's approaching, it's best to tag your monsters before doing anything else
the one who's more patient wins
it depends on who's trying to hijack
some leave right away, some leave after an hour

7. When to give up
there's some times when it becomes hopeless and the best option would be to leave and go to another map like tap1-4 or itchies
like when you're alone going against a whole group of people tagging the monsters
it's for you to decide
there were times when someone brought the Cs in and started training in the mid, but i was still getting more exp than i would at any other map
so i stayed
staying there after you've been successfully hijacked is a bad decision, experience-wise
especially if you have several hours left on booster
but if you don't really care about exp and id3 is basically the only place you'd train at, you can stay there and maybe wait for a chance to reclaim the spot, like when they're repotting

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