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I decided to go on the Lass server, since the other 3 seemed to be fairly heavy people wise, but those below it were nearly empty. Haven't actually played yet though. I've got a friend from Rio who wanted to play GC with me, but can't play our version apparently, so he may join, and if he does, he can help translate. I looked at some of the quest scrolls, and I cannot make heads or tails of it.

For instance, two of the conditions for 3rd job quest, at least for arme since she was the char I was on when I looked, both said something about killing Gaikoz and getting his sword. I asked previously-mentioned friend to tell me the difference on the end part, and the only difference is one says "Remember, Gaikoz doesn't always carry his sword", and the other said "Don't forget your _____". The blank he couldn't figure out how to say in English.

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