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Default Mo's Cyber Hunter Guide

So u Wanna Be a Cyber Hunter? Do you think u got wat it takes my man.... Well Do ya... If u Dont then get the heck out of here. Lol joke =D

1144:This build was good for a Lion before the Hv Nerf because they would be able to tank more types like Coons and Bunnies(if its PvP ur still dead) but now i really dont see the point to this build anymore...
2143:This Guide is still pretty much good because u have more AC but a little less Hp but its ok because ull die in 1 hit anyway. But this Build is Very Balanced out enabling u to survive hits and deal some damage.
3142:Well my lion went for 1144 until lv200 but after the Hv Nerf i changed to this build. Since i will die to Bunnies and Coons in 1 hit anyway why not i figured. this build adds a whole bunch of AC for GvG and PvP and training will be alot easier.
4141:This Build sole purpose is to kill other Sense and Magic Types.Also alot of people choose this build for compounding for thier other characters. So this build will be hard to do well in PvP and GvG but with the right team there is maybe some light and the end of the tunnel..

Bonus Points
1144: Pure Ac
2143: Pure Ac or at a high lvl when u start to PvP and GvG put some lk in to ur Bonus Points..
3142: Pure Ac and same with the 2143 build u might wanna put some lk in to help out
4141:Must go Pure Lk Lol... or scary things will happen

Skill Build:
-Stone Strike lv5
-Gun Carrier
-Invincible Reload
-Gun Booster Mastered
-Quick Reload
~Congratz~ u is now 2nd Job woot~
-Power Shot Mastered
-Shooting Spree Mastered
- Stone Strike lv10
- Armour Destructor lv.1
- Lucky Seven Mastered
-Double Shot Mastered
~Finally the Wait it's Over Cyber Hunter Time~
-Aura of Luck Mastered
-Landmine Mastered
-Armour Destructor lv.10
-Sticky Foot lv.10
-Sticky Icky Mastered
-Lucky Fist/Punch Mastered(Fist sounds cooler)
-Sheild Breaker Mastered

Well thats wat im up to and im lv 210 so if u wanna lvl further these are some good skills
- Invincible Drilling if u wanna prove your'e just as good as foxes in drilling
-Gas Mask lv.10 or mastered up to u
- Item Detector lv.10 to help with ur drilling needs

Places To Train~
lv.1-15= Coral Beach Quests and training in Coral Field 4
lv.15-25= Finish the rest of episode 0 quests and that will take u to lvl 25.
lv.25-31= Path 2 Desert and Se Forest and do Eloy's Quest at lv 30 to get lv31 really quick
lv.31-40= Sw Forest and if ur 4141 get Pharoah Set and go to Path 2 oops
lv.40-60=Path 2 Oops well give u plenty of exp for u to reach lv.60
lv.60-80= Path 2 Swamp and do snail quests while training for a big exp boost.
lv.80-110/120/130=Techi1 will give such amazing tm but when u get to the when u wanna move on try going to Sf3 and kill Santa Bears
lv.130?-170 or 180= Sf3 is really easy to train at when u can 1 hit ko santa bears also if u want try going to iciclers as well.
lv.180~ Techi4 is probably the last place u will be training at... Unless u wanna go further

If u want to continue training then these places will be ur place to go
U can Try 2 really good places to train while ur really high lvled or unless u have haxor Ac ID3 or Tap4 is places that Lions train at after they are done murdering Techi4

Umm Thats All for Now Reply to give me suggestions on wat i should add k also my new accouny is mongolpride and this guide was put together by me and a close friend PieKun

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