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Originally Posted by Freezi
Okay, time to choose a Element, on my opinion Wind/Earth or Wind/Water sounds ok.

But WHY? Because most of others Elements gonna need a "OK-LK", and [/COLOR]Wind[COLOR=Black]/Something becames much more fast to level up.

Why not FIRE? Because it needs a good LK and block you agains learn Wind skills.
Why not THUNDER? Because it needs a medium LK and block you against learn Wind skills, and most monsters have resistance to Thunder.

Keep in your mind, Wind is THE WAY to level up fast without problems, on my opinion, but if you want you can reset Wind/Something to be Fire/Thunder if you have a decent LK, but with this you lose MA and status/protection from LS and SOH.

So let's follow it.
I don't think wind is the only way out for fast leveling. With so many episode quests and normal/key quests available in TO, you can level up rather smoothly just by doing the quest. I've just got my sheep to level 90, and she didn't grind at all and had no problem with getting quest items even with just arrow rush.

Yes, wind skill attacks faster. But for a new player, she/he might not have good MA gears to make fullest use of wind blade. Wind and earth are also currently not as useful as the other elements in fighting boss/PvP and GvG.

About the luck needed for other elements:
Lightning is very accurate. I don't know what is meant by "medium LK", but it is definitely sustainable with LK from non-myshop gears. And if you go water, you will probably learn Shard of Glacier at a later stage for the freezing ability. Lightning skills are far more accurate than Shard of Glacier. I have never ever missed with any of my lightning skills in PvM, including Electro Attack before lvl 110 when I did not use myshop gears, but I can't say the same for Shard.

The accuracy of fire skills is definitely not as horrible as how it is said to be. Fire also has a good and powerful single target skill in 2nd job, and a nice DoT skill available at TM140.

All in all, lightning and fire can go well with light witch all the same. I hope people don't get turned down from choosing these elements.

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