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Default "amusing" PvP night

Sooo I was just hanging around in PvP, and decided to test how well Poison Pouch worked on Guard.
Target bunny didn't really appreciate that, and decided to kill me.
Not alone of course, but with 3 other people.
Now, I like a challenge, so I decide to just take on the bunny, a hybrid lion, a light mage, and a pure buffalo at the same time.

Somehow I managed to have them all dead at the same time at one point.

But I fail at screenshotting, so you only see the deaths of the last 2. >.>;

After that many deaths ensue (for me mainly x.x; ), and the 4 man team eventually becomes a 10-ish man team.

At this point the entire garden was after me.. so I just decided to call it a day. :3

Now, I don't mind if you want to gang up on me..
I didn't even get time to buff (Yay for being unable to cast Gun Booster, Gas Mask and Precise Pitch in the waiting room)/stealth/mine/whatever.

...but hey, at least now I'm absolutely sure Poison Pouch works well against Guard. =] Especially since the poison debuff seems to have a good chance of landing.