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Learn databases
<@Medoriaworks> ever wanted to learn about databases?
<Crypt> yes
<@Medoriaworks> but felt that it would be too tedious?
<Crypt> kinda - I know the basics
* Catharsis is now known as Catch-22
<@Medoriaworks> Maybe, if a cute fairy taught you, but alas, that could never happen
<@Medoriaworks> WRONG
<@Medoriaworks> The Manga Guide to Databases: Mana Takahashi: Books
<@Medoriaworks> lololol
<@FuyouKaede> hi medi
<@Medoriaworks> The Manga Guide to DATABASES
<@Medoriaworks> wtf
<@FuyouKaede> and hi...cath?
<Crypt> LOL
<@Catch-22> hi
<Crypt> how the?
<@Catch-22> bye
<@Catch-22> ??
<@FuyouKaede> ?
<@Medoriaworks> hihi miyu
<@Medoriaworks> hihi cath
<@FuyouKaede> hi
<@FuyouKaede> lol
* @Medoriaworks gives cath a cookie
<Crypt> The Manga Guide to Databases [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)
<@Medoriaworks> i mean i realize that like... books are outdated and that anime is decent entertainment, but really? really?
<Crypt> I know only the basics - SELECT (columns) FROM (table) WHERE (conditions)
<@FuyouKaede> # Paperback: 256 pages
<@Medoriaworks> databases in illustrated form with lolis?
<Chiruno> Omg
<@Medoriaworks> is this what the world is coming to?
<Chiruno> School
* Chiruno panics
<Crypt> I guess
<@Medoriaworks> "I grew up learning databases from Miyaka the kawaii fairy!!"
<@FuyouKaede> o_o
<@Medoriaworks> gross
<@Medoriaworks> lol
<@FuyouKaede> @_@
* Chiruno goes to school
<Chiruno> aaaaa
<@FuyouKaede> i bet..those otaku will...
<@FuyouKaede> uhm
<@FuyouKaede> lol
<@Medoriaworks> "Princess Ruruna is stressed out. With the king and queen away, she has to manage the Kingdom of Kod's humongous fruit-selling empire. Overseas departments, scads of inventory, conflicting prices, and so many customers! It's all such a confusing mess. But a mysterious book and a helpful fairy promise to solve her organizational problems‚€”with the practical magic of databases."
<@FuyouKaede> lol
<@Medoriaworks> o
<@Medoriaworks> m
<@Medoriaworks> g
<@Catch-22> wtf
<@FuyouKaede> i should sleep but i cant sleep
<@FuyouKaede> Dx
<Crypt> lol
<@Catch-22> eh i need to study
* @Catch-22 *poofs*
<@FuyouKaede> and I just ate the meds
<Crypt> allright - get the book

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