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Queen of Darkness II
Chapter VIII: Lire’s Story, Part 3

After changing into her archery uniform, Lire picked up her bow, and walked down the halls, to the room where her meeting would be held. Instead of her normal classes, she would be having a private meeting with one of her teachers today, Ms. Lila. Having attended the school for years now, Lire knew the way to the room by heart – but the academy was huge, and new students often got lost in the hallways.

She walked down the Queen Lipi Memorial Hallway, and just as she was about to reach the room, which was on the far end of the hallway, she heard her teacher’s voice coming from another room. That’s strange; she thought she must have a meeting that’s running late. She stopped for a second, but decided it was none of her business, and continued on her path. She would just wait in the room until her teacher arrived.

Suddenly, she heard her name. Someone had distinctly said “Lire”. And it wasn’t one of her friends calling her; it was from the teacher. Lire quickly dashed behind a statue, and listened in on the conversation; her curiosity too strong to quench.

“The princess?” someone else said. She couldn’t place the voice, but it sounded like one of the generals in the island’s army.

”Yes, General.” Bingo! Correct guess!

“Are you insane?!” the general asked, dumbfounded. “We cannot endanger the heir to the throne like that!”

“She is the best student in my class; her skill exceeds that of many of our greatest military heroes already.” her teacher responded. Were they really talking about her?

“Princess Lire is royalty! The people would revolt if we let her join the Elven Corps!” shouted the general, as if she could not believe what she was hearing. Elven Corps? thought Lire.

“General Lini,” So that’s her name... “To have the princess fighting in the field of battle would renew the public’s faith in our royalty. If she is an accomplished military commander by the time she succeeds to the throne, our people will be ready to take up arms in her name.” These Elven Corps were some form of military?

There was silence for a while, as the general pondered this. “She is too young.” she finally said.

“Too young?” There were sounds of a chair being pushed up, and it sounded as if her teacher had stood up in outrage. “She is of the perfect age for combat!”

“We must not let the heir to the throne enter combat when she is only 13!” and it now sounded as if the general had stood up as well.

“The war won’t be ending today!” shouted the teacher.

Then there was silence again. What role did the end of the war play in this?

“If the princess has reached 15 years of age by the time the Elven Corps must take action, then we shall allow it.” the general finally said.

“Very well.” her teacher said, seemingly satisfied with this agreement.

Lire stood there, still somewhat confused. She was sure the conversation was about her, but what was the Elven Corps, and what were they supposed to do?

And then she realized that the meeting was seemingly over, and her teacher would probably just be getting up to leave, and would find her hiding behind the statue, and realize she had been eavesdropping.

So she ran to the room where the meeting would be, as fast and silently as she could.


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