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Queen of Darkness II
Chapter VII: Arme’s Story, Part 2

Dear Arme Orre,

We have received your application, and we have reviewed it. We find everything in order, and would be pleased to accept you. However, you must be at least 15 years of age to gain admission to the guild. We do not accept mages 9 years of age like you. We would be happy to see you apply again once you reach the age of 15.


Irle Erne, Admissions Office, Violet Magic Guild

Dear Irle Erne, Admissions Office, Violet Magic Guild,

I have received your letter, and I regret to tell you that you are an idiot. My age means nothing: I am easily the best mage your guild will ever have, of any age. I request that I be allowed a visit to the guild to demonstrate my abilities. I am a master of both light and dark magic; I spend all my days researching magic, and I spend all my nights dreaming about magic.

Arme Orre

Dear Arme Orre,

Very well. You may arrive at the Violet Magic Guild on the following Sunday, at 2 PM, for a meeting, in which you may demonstrate your ‘mastery’. Please ask the secretary for directions to the meeting upon your arrival.


Irle Erne, Admissions Office, Violet Magic Guild

Arme arrived at the guild exactly on time, and proceeded to the room in which her meeting with the school’s principal was to take place. He was already present. “Please take a seat, Arme,” he said, gesturing to a chair.

The room was large, and mostly empty. It had two chairs, which had been enchanted to be more comfortable. Next to the principal’s chair was a wooden box. Arme could not see what was inside. In the centre of the room sat a practice dummy. Arme recognized them, she went through about one a week.

”You are to demonstrate your ability on this dummy. Please begin now.”

Arme had already dressed in her best practice outfit before leaving, and taken her favourite wand in her hand. She began to charge up her simplest offensive spell, and power began forming between her hands, which she was slowly moving. She mumbled under her breath, until she had completely charged the spell, and her voice changed from a mumble to a yell. “STONE CURSE!!” she screamed, and the orb that had grown between her hands leapt out, transforming into a wave, that went straight through the dummy.

From the floor of the room, rocks rose up, quickly enveloping and mummifying the dummy. Tinier boulders were meanwhile barraging the dummy inside, cutting through the leather it was made from. Arme turned to the principal for praise.

“A simple capturing curse. And how does the target escape from its binds?” the principal asked, unimpressed.

“If they struggle enough, pushing their body left and right, they can get out of it.” Arme explained, as she began to charge up another spell.

“And what of the dummy? It is inanimate, it cannot move.”

“Oh, it wears off after a little bit.” Arme shrugged, as if it was no big deal, continuing to charge.

“So it is not anything near permanent. How unsurprising.”

Annoyed by the principal’s rudeness, Arme, now finished charging, shot one of her strongest spells. “LIGHTNING BOLT!” she screamed. The force that had been growing in her hands exploded with a crack of thunder, and lightning sprang from Arme’s hands. As the stone fell off of the dummy, the dummy was freshly attacked with the lightning. She moved it up and down and around, hitting the dummy in all spots, until the power faded away, and the lightning stopped. Arme panted for breath – it was not a simple spell.

“A lightning attack – unoriginal.” stated the principal.

Arme growled, annoyed at the principal’s attitude. “Why didn’t it shoot through the wall? I always break through the wall at home.”

“That would be because the wall is magic-proof, as is the standard for an academy of magic.” the principal said, condescendingly, as if Arme was a three-year old child.

“Whatever.” Arme dismissed, and began charging her next spell. She had now switched to white magic, and the appearance of the developing magic changed accordingly. Instead of an orb or force between her hands, her entire body was now emanating with power. An aura developed, and grew larger and larger, until...

“SAVER!!” Arme shouted. The aura left her body, and began to travel outward. It changed from a simple white to green, and suddenly an emerald green shield surrounded Arme. She again turned to the principal, this time certain she would be praised.

“A shield.” The principal blinked. “Does it do anything?”

“Try me.” Arme smirked.

“Very well.” the principal, sitting in his chair, leaned to the side and took something that looked like some kind of crystal ball from the box next to his chair. “This is a chaos orb,” the principal explained. “A talented mage can seal the soul of a strong monster into an orb made of magical glas—“

“I know that.” Arme interrupted, stubbornly. “I read about that when I was 7. Just break the orb already.”

“I shall.” the principal said, coldly. “But I will dispel it before you die.” Arme scowled. “Please feel free to use any remaining offensive spells you have to fight it off.” The principal threw the orb onto the ground. It smashed immediately, and the glass went everywhere. A cloud of fog came out from the orb, and it quickly filled the entire room. It made Arme’s eyes water. But as quickly as it appeared, the fog vanished. Standing where the orb was broken She’d never seen one that big. It was so tall it almost went through the ceiling. She had never seen a bigger...Mushmon.

“A mushmon? What?! Are you serious?” Arme shouted, angrily. “I thought it was going to be something serious, like a giant goblin or something!”

“Do not underestimate the power of the mushmon,” the principal said. “You are but 9.”

Arme laughed, as her spell finished charging. “Laaand Scamp—oof!” As Arme had been casting her next spell, the huge Mushmon had leapt at her, headbutting her and easily knocking her to the ground. Her shield vanished, and Arme felt the energy from her spell drain from her body – the attack had taken away all effects of the spell she had been charging. She would have to start anew.

“Your shield has been broken, but you are still undamaged. Interesting.” the principal noted, as Arme dashed away from the Mushmon. “FIREBOLT!!” she screamed, turning around, and sending a ball of fire towards the huge Mushmon. As it dashed at her again, the fireball struck its legs, and it fell over, its right leg singed from the fire. This gave Arme time to charge the spell again, as the Mushmon got back up again. She was just finishing charging her spell – the energy was overwhelming her, she could feel her ears tingling, and the Mushmon charged at her, trampling the practice dummy as it went.


The room was shaken, and Arme fell to the floor from the pressure that had suddenly been released from her body. She had cast the spell a few times before – mostly on that stupid knight, Irland – but she had never put her heart into it so much. It was the strongest spell she had ever cast. The door to the room flew off its hinges, and went straight up, hitting the ceiling and falling back down again. The box where the principal had taken the chaos orb from was nailed down to the floor, but the chairs were not. They flew up along with the door, and broke as they crashed against the ceiling. The practice dummy the Mushmon had knocked down was now in the air as well, hovering uselessly – apparently its enchantment did not allow it to get as high as the roof. The Mushmon was lifted from the ground, and its head slammed hard against the ceiling. Even the principal, though he was trying to hide it, had to work to stay on the floor.

And then everything came crashing down. The door landed hard on the floor, cracking it, while the chairs went right through it, going through to the basement below – apparently the floor was not magic-proof. The Mushmon landed hard on the ground, and it was just too much for it – it tried to stand up, but fell over, defeated.

It took about 15 seconds for the feeling in Arme’s legs to come back, but she stood up, and happily smiled at the principal.

“ have any other spells you’d like to show me?” the principal asked, trying to regain his demeanour. He was impressed, and he could not hide it.

“Yeah...I just...gotta sit down...feeling dizzy...” Arme began to sit down, but everything was going dizzy, her eyes were going out of focus, and she lost control of her legs again, falling unconscious onto the floor.


There is no 1v1 in team.

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