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Queen of Darkness II
Chapter VI: Lire’s Story, Part 2

Miraculously, Lire managed to get completely ready, and just in time to leave for the academy. She got into the raccoon-driven carriage, and prepared her mature self.

At home, Lire was highly preppy. Always obsessing over her look, and she never really stopped talking. But at the academy, and in public, she was levelheaded and optimistic. She was somewhat of a teacher’s pet at the academy, but that wasn’t to say she was bad at archery. She worked hard, and often got the highest grades.

The war had been going on for three years, but Eryuell Island had been untouched by it. While Serdin and Kanavan had both courted their government for help in the war; the elves remained devout pacifists. And while Lire valued her archery lessons more than anything else, she was confident she would never use them in a real combat situation for at least the next twenty years.

Lire arrived at the academy only a minute late, and, the servant opening the door for her, she stepped out, in front of Eryuell Island Archery Academy.

Elves were very devoted architects, and the academy was absolutely stunning. A 2-metre fence that stretched around the entire property, made of solid gold, guarded it. The money for the gold fence had been granted by Eryuell Island’s monarchy, over 200 years ago. The island was very wealthy, and they could afford extravagances like this – after all, the academy was set to become the island’s main source of fame – and so it did.

The academy was considered to be the best school for any kind of combat in the entire world – or as much as was known as the world. In recent years, it had struck controversy, when a lawsuit was filed against its speciesist policies. The school would accept any elf from the ages of 10-40 automatically, but non-elves had to go through a rigorous application process, and were almost always declined. The school also showed a distinct bias towards the students native to Eryuell Island – a non-elf from Bermesiah was almost always turned down in favour of someone who was essentially the same, except from Eryuell.

But despite those controversies, the school was still widely hailed and beautiful. Beyond the golden fence lay the academy – but it could almost be a palace. It was a specimen of pure beauty. The outer walls were made of steel, polished until it shined. Some of the higher rooms had balconies, made of beautifully painted wood. Gems lined the turrets and towers, and an inviting sign that said “ERYUELL ISLAND ARCHERY ACADEMY” perched above the entrance door, each letter sold silver.

Lire slid her student card through the enchanted card reader by the door. The gate slid open, as a voice spoke “Welcome to Eryuell Island Archery Academy, Lire Eryuell.” coming from a nearby (also enchanted) speaker, the voice of the academy’s principal, Lime.

Lire walked up the path of stone, which was lined with some of the island’s native flowers. A large pond was to her right, where fish and frogs lived together in harmony. The pond was in the shade of a small forest, where the academy’s students could often be found, resting against trees and doing their necessary physics homework.

A path to the left led to the academy’s housing. The few students who were not native to the island could pay extra to live on-campus. In line with the academy’s flagrant native bias, the area around the houses was nowhere near as up-kept as the rest of the academy. Weeds sprouted all over, and tree roots (from the unpruned trees) sporadically uprooted houses.

Lire opened the large academy doors, and stepped inside, walking to the room where she had left her bow and archery uniform.

Despite all the preparation she had gone into selecting a dress, Lire did not wear it for her lessons. Any of the selections in her wardrobe restricted her movement far too much, and it was very important for her to be able to move. The dress was primarily for the trip there, and for the trip back. She couldn’t be caught wearing her uniform in public. She had to keep up on her fashion in the public eye.

After all, she was the princess of Eryuell Island.


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