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Queen of Darkness II
Chapter V: Elesis’ Story, Part 3

After leaving behind the Gorge of Oath, Elesis had walked past a strange cave that smelled of brimstone, a ravaged forest, and some orc who tried to throw a rock at her. Then, she walked past all three of them; in the opposite order; again. And then she walked past the cave twice, and then the forest again, then the orc twice; the cave again, the orc, the forest twice, the orc three times, the cave, the forest, and the cave twice again.

Elesis began to think she had gotten lost.

So she chose to walk away from all of them. Elesis decided she would walk straight ahead; until she a. crashed into a tree b. found a village c. died.

B happened first.

It was a small Serdin village called Synlin, just outside Serdin Castle’s outer wall. Elesis rented a room at a small inn. She had the money for this at least; so she would not have to kill any innkeepers.

The room was small, but she could live in it for a little. A few days to get her bearings, and then she could leave to find her father.

It occurred to her that now; it would be a really good idea to assume a new identity. Not only was she now a murderer, but also she was from Kanavan, and even with the war over, Serdinites didn’t look upon Kanavanians in a positive light. Perhaps she could find a tracking party here that was looking for Kaze’aze. Or maybe someone here knew of her father’s fate. But she would sleep on it.

It was her first sleep on a real bed that she had had since leaving home. Her mother had given her some gold, but she had spent most of it on traveling clothes, and hadn’t stayed at any of the inns in Kanavan.

Elesis woke up at dawn. Yawning and getting dressed, she left her room, and walked downstairs, to the lobby of sorts. Sitting down in a chair, she took her notebook out of her backpack, and began to double-check her plan. Go to Serdin...check. Find Kaze’aze...not accomplished yet. Kill Kaze’aze...well, that was the optimal plan.

While she was looking at the notebook, three old ladies started talking at a nearby table. Elesis paid them no heed, but suddenly, something caught her attention.

”Yes, it was at the Gorge of Oath...” said one. “How old was the body?” asked a second. “Only a few days at most, they’re saying.” the third replied.

Elesis widened her eyes and continued to listen in. “Do they have any suspects?” the second asked. “No, Emma.” the first answered. “What do you think they’ll do the murderer when they find them?” the third chimed in.

“Kill ‘em, I’d think.” Emma said, almost smiling. “What do you think, Mabel?” she said, turning to the first. Mabel nodded. “People like that should be killed when they turn 15.” All of them nodded in agreement. Elesis buried her head in her notebook, scared that anything could happen to her now. What if there was a mind reader nearby? Nah, thought Elesis those don’t exist.

“Yeh, darned right they don’t!” Emma suddenly said. The other women laughed. Was Emma a mind reader?! Mabel laughed. “I don’t get any respect from men anymore either.”

Oh. They were talking about relationships. Whew.

It was definitely time to assume a new identity now, if news of the guide’s death had already spread. Elesis quickly narrowed down two possibilities – she could claim to be a student at some Serdin fighting school, or she could claim to be from a distant island that didn’t exist and that hated Kanavan.

“Are you okay, sweetie? You look troubled.” Elesis jumped. Mabel was leaning towards her with a look of concern.

“Uhhhh...I was just really scared about the murder and all that maybe it’s part of a huge conspiracy to kill everyone. That was all I was troubled about.” Elesis said quickly.

”Oh, don’t worry. They’ll catch the murderer and kill them. That’s because, unlike Kanavan, we care about our citizens.”

“Wasn’t the guide from Kanavan?” Elesis asked. She knew he was, but when suspected for murder, play stupid.

“No, of course ‘e weren’t! The murderer was probably from Kanavan, though.” Emma had now jumped into the conversation.

“Saaaayyy...speaking of which, who do you think would be more likely to be the murderer – a student at a local fighting school, or some nice girl who hates Kanavan?”

“Oh, the first one for sure!” the third woman said, not missing a beat. “No one who hates Kanavan can be a bad person!”

“Why did you want to know, sweetie-pie?” Mabel asked.

“Uhhhh...I heard those were the two main suspects.” Elesis stammered, sweating.

“You know, I bet it weren’t a human who did it; I bet it was Kaze’aze.” Emma suddenly said.

“Kaze’aze?” Elesis perked up.

“You know, that thingy that there made the war ‘appen. I ‘eard she skipped town and went to that Ellia place.”

“The continent of Ellia?” Elesis asked. Emma nodded.

”I heard that they were organizing some sort of force to go hunt down Kaze’aze.” Mabel added.

“They? Who’s they?” Elesis was now pressing for details – anything to learn about Kaze’aze.

“You know, Serdin. One of the masters of the knights is trying to organize some squad. I think they’re calling it Rancid Jays.”

“I thought it was And Lace.” Emma said, puzzled.

“No, it was definitely Band Face!” the third woman said, certain and agitated.

“Well...thank you ladies, I feel a lot safer now.” Elesis gave her best fake smile, and walked outside. She’d have to find out more about this Canned Base.


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