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Queen of Darkness II
Chapter III: Lire’s Story, Part 1

Lire thumbed through her closet, looking at her various styles and fashions. She had to leave for Eryuell Island Archery Academy in just half an hour, and she still hadn’t picked out an outfit.

It had to be functional – after all, archery wasn’t some stupid, uber-violent form of combat like wizardry or swordsmanship. It took precision and talent. But it also had to be cute – after all, how could you do archery without looking your best?

“Lila...which outfit should I wear today?” Lire asked her maid.

“Mistress Lire, I would advise you wear the outfit that you like the most.” said Lila. She was busy sorting Lire’s shoes by cuteness score (Lire’s personal cuteness scale ranged from 1 (ick, boy shoes) to 10 (ohmygawd)), but she was very used to answering these questions of Lire’s.

“’Like’? LIKE? It doesn’t matter whether I like it, Lila! The only thing that matters is if it looks good!”

“I would think practicality would play a role as well.”

Lire sighed. “You’re right,’re right. Archery isn’t about looking good, I need to be able to move, not just look good.”

“So which outfit shall you be wearing today, mistress Lire?”

“Hmmm.” Lire continued to thumb through the closet, before she stopped at a green dress. “Yes...that looks nice.” Taking it off of the hanger, she walked over to the mirror with it. She screamed. “AHH!! I HAVEN’T BRUSHED MY HAIR!!”

Lire dashed off to her bedroom, to retrieve a brush or two, dropping the dress as she went. Now she’d probably decide to wash it when she got back, because it had been on the floor. Of course, then, it wouldn’t be finished washing in time, and she’d have to go through the whole ordeal again, to pick another outfit to wear. And then the stress would make her hair get poofy, and she’d have to go brush it again. Then she’d have to leave for the academy only minutes before the class started.

Sadly, this happened every day.


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