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Queen of Darkness II
Chapter II: Arme’s Story, Part 1

“Come on, Arme, play mushroom ball with us!”

“For the last time, no!” screamed Arme back.

“Cooomee oooon!” pleaded Arme’s cousin, Irland.

“No.” said Arme, and she buried her head back in her magical research.

“You’re such a nerd...” mumbled Irland as she walked off.

“I heard that, you know.” Arme snapped back.

“While you’re in here, researching alchemy or whatever stupid crap that is, your friends are out having fun.” retorted Irland.

“And while you’re out there, having ‘fun’, I’m studying to get into the Violet Magic Guild.” murmured Arme.

“The Violet Magic Guild?” Irland asked, slightly in shock. “You know you have to be 15 to get in.”

“Every rule has an exception,” stated Arme, dreamily, turning her head back to Irland. “So while you have your so-called ‘fun’, I will become Serdin’s favourite mage child prodigy.”

“As if Serdin will have time to shower favour upon a child prodigy with the war.”

“The war? This war’s not going to last more than a year, mark my words.”

“And how do you know that?” Irland asked, with slight actual curiosity.

“Because I’m smart and you’re not, duh.” Arme turned her mind to her research again.

Irland rolled her eyes and walked off. As she opened the door, she turned back to Arme. “You are the most arrogant person I have ever met.”

”You say that like it’s a bad thing...”

”I didn’t know they let people with such attitude into the Violet Magic Guild.”

“Of course you didn’t know that, you’re a swordsman.” Irland looked at Arme quizzically. “That means you’re stupid.”

“Arrggh!” yelled Irland, as she left, slamming the door behind her.

“Stupid knight.” Arme muttered to herself. “Good thing there won’t be any of those where I’m going. I’ll probably never have to talk to one again.”


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