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Queen of Darkness II
Chapter I: Elesis’ Story, Part 1

Elesis was 14 when her father left. Her father would not be there to celebrate her next birthday with her.

Since birth, Elesis had been close to her father. Her mother happily stood aside to take the role of the secondary parent; she was busy enough as it was. Elesis’ father was an amazing swordsman. He had wanted a boy, but he was able to raise Elesis like one, and over the years, she became a perfect tomboy. While her young friends were eager to become archers and mages, Elesis carried a sword with her everywhere she went.

Her whole life had been based around the sword. Her mother had stopped buying her teddy bears after she had begun to use them as targets. While many of the local hoodlums had attempted to steal her sword, she could easily fight them off, sometimes with her sword, or sometimes, she would just grab them and throw them to the side.

Elesis’ family had managed to remain relatively untouched by the five-year war. Kanavan, with more citizens than Serdin, did not have mandatory enlistment. But when it was over, her father had to go as a tracker on a three-month mission, attempting to find Kaze’aze.

He never returned.

After four months, her mother said it might just be taking longer than expected.

After five months, her mother said they’d probably found Kaze’aze, and they had to keep chasing after her.

After six months, her mother said it was just taking a long time to chase her.

After eight months, her mother, now with less hope, explained that maybe Kaze’aze had taken the party of trackers hostage, but don’t worry, they’ll get rescued.

After nine months, two weeks, and three days, on Elesis’ fifteenth birthday, her mother sat down with her, and explained that, if she still had hope for her father, she could go out to try and find him.

And so she did.


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