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Originally Posted by Aleeex
He said that he was living to find the reason of life (approx)
So I said what I had found out...

and I know, there is no clean answer to what life is for, but it all requires birth, and death... and to not get extinct we must reproduce...
AKA... be born, Reproduce, die... end of story

and Life and death ARE connected
Suicide is the way to go from Living to dead; by your own hand...

Anyways... I have spoken enough about this...
Shall we get back on track?
He said he was living to find out; I'm sure most people already gave their reasons for life. It is pretty much an automatic evaluation when one goes through attempts or discusses such matters.

The idea of suicide is an act done by your own hand can be a misnomer. Do you consider euthanasia to be suicide? Some do. I'm not saying that Life and death aren't connected, but personally I see them as basically involuntary options, with the exception of death in the form of suicide. I know you can argue against saying you choose life by not dying, I had an interesting discussion about that with someone, but that's another topic altogether.

Humans can still become extinct involuntarily.
To counteract the motion of reproducing constantly, some places restrict rampant reproduction of humans, why do you think that?
There's no set thing in life of just "be born, grow up, reproduce, die"
Humans have this tendency to want more meaning than just instructions, and a big part of that is the unpredictability of life.

I think something we may need to discuss is metempsychosis. Have some ever considered suiciding into a "new" life? I don't share the belief, and I hope someone can be brave enough to explain the belief of it if they practice it in their religion, or if they just believe in it but don't practice a religion.