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My relations with my family are pretty good, I almost never discussed with my parents... well, me and my sister discuss all the time, but that's natural lol.
I love my mom to death, I'd do anything for her. She does anything she can when I need and I do the same for her. When I'm in a bad time, she is there with me, and vise-versa.
Well, my dad... it's not really like my mom, but I also love him a lot, though he's a lot more serious and organized (:x) than me and my mom. Me and my mom are actually the same person LOLOL , both of us are stupid, if you know what I mean.
But my dad also does the same, he really cares about me and so do I for him.
My sister is annoying like hell sometimes... something that I don't want to talk about happened in a day that it simplily couldn't happen... somewhat because of her and my dad, but anyway, our family is pretty close after all, those arguments with each other are natural lol.
My grandma is also awesome, she is just like my mom. Everytime in the summer I go to her beach house for 1 or 2 weeks, also with my grandpa, two~six uncles, and none~two cousins. I don't talk to my grandpa as much as I do to my grandma, but when we talk, it's really fine, he's funny.
And I guess that's it... lol.

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