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Default Ultimate Gunner Guide (MMO retype)

Version 1.2

Retyped up for MMO forums since MT is now closed.

Table of Contents:

1.) Why should you play a Lion?
a.) Types of Lions
b.) Builds of Lions
c.) Explanation of the Build Graph

2.) The Advantages and Disadvantages of Lions
a.) PvP and GvG (Player versus Player, Guild versus Guild)
b.) PvE (Player versus Enviroment)

3.) How to Change Jobs
a.) 2nd job Advancement (Inventor)
b.) 3rd Job Advancement (Scientist)
c.) 3rd Job Advancement (Cyber Hunter)

4.) Where to train.
a.) 1-50
b.) 51-120
c.) 121-150
d.) 151+

5.) Lion Skill Tree
a.) 1st Job
b.) 2nd Job
c.) 3rd Job (Scientist)
c.) 3rd Job (Cyber Hunter)

Lions are generally very good and drilling and compounding just like there sense type counterpart the fox. Lions are the typical Gunner characters. Guns are made for strong and fast damage noone can attack faster than gunners but im pure damage power types especially Bunnies will put your damage to shame.

Types of Lions:

Gunner Lion: Typical lion fastest way to train. However, a little difficult in 1st job.

Dagger Lion: This is the rare lion that trains like a fox. It makes first job easier but 2nd job and onward it is difficult because you only have 2-3 skills and Pistol Whip is TM 95.

Lion Builds:

I'll list the numbers in this order (Power,Magic,Sense,Charm)

1144: The "safe" lion build you have the HP to survive in the early levels nd if you go pure AC you'll have enough firepower as well.

2143: The "balanced" lion you'll still have the HP in the early levels but you'll have slightly more AC. Also, this gives you the liberty to also put your points into Luck which is Guns Accuracy so it is a very important stat.

3142: The "Versatile" lion you give up HP and HV to gain more AC but you have the flexibility to also work on your LK.

4141: The "Glass Cannon" lion You have very little HP and HV but your AC is unsurpassed by noone if you go pure AC.

Explanation of the Build Graph:


AP (Attack Power) Melee Damage
AC (Attack Accuracy) Melee Accuracy, Gun skill damage, Magic Crit, Melee Crit Multiplier.
DX (Dexterity) Melee Attack speed the lower the better.


MP (Mana Points) If these reach 0 you cannot use skills.
MA (Mana Attack) Lions have no need for this
MD (Magic Defense) Defense for Magic Skills


WT (Carrying Capacity) The More of this you have the more you can carry.
DA (Detect Ability) This is generally a fox's main attack stat it also affects drilling success. Only 1 lion skill is based of DA (Butt Plate)
LK (Luck) One of the most popular stat in the game its Melee Crit rate, Block Rate, Magic and Gun Accuracy, and Compound rate.


HP (Health Points) When these reach 0 you "Faint"
DP (Defense Points) This is your defense against physical based skills
HV (Hit Evasion) It's Evasion against Physical based skills and also Gun defense

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lions

PvP and GvG: Well Lions can do damage that is fast and powerful and that can help in taking down charms especially if you have your debuffs. Lions also are good against mages and fellow senses if you have enough Luck.

Now, Lions can do almost nothing to power types especially Bunnies and Hybrid Buffalos because of Guard.

PvE: Lions virtually own in the field when it comes to grinding and questing because until you get to the higher levels 160+ you dont really into anyone that is overly resistant to guns to the point you cannot train there.

Lion job Advancement

2nd Job:

1 1 million galder check (Brought from Andrew in mega bank)

1 clever lion badge (Dropped by Kaboom in Caballa Dungeon 4)

3rd Job:

3 1 million galder check

1 ticket of the Valiant (Dropped by Clurican in Azteca Closed lot)

1 Harkon (Obtained for finishing the Snow Mine-Precious Jewel Quest (15 Hi Tants, 15 Crystal of Opals)

3 Brass (Dropped by Brass Knights in Vamp Castle 2-3)

3 magnetite (Dropped by Iron Knights in Vamp Castle 2-3)

3 Magic Powder (Dropped by Bone Magician in Vamp Dungeon 4-5)

3 Glass Piece (Dropped by Snow Kids in Snow Field 1)

1 Sacred Water (Drilled in Swamp Fields, Black Swamp gate, and Path to Black Swamp)

1 Water Agate (Scientist dropped by Swamp Shark in Swamp Field 2)

1 Sky Topaz (Cyber Hunter dropped by Maid Lydia in Vamp Castle 1)

Lions Skill Tree

1st Job:

Gun Carrier TMlvl 1 5 tm points
Stone Strike (lvl 5) TMlvl 1 1 learn/2 master
Invincible Reload TMlvl 20 5 tm points
Gun Booster (Mastered) TMlvl 30 3 learn/3 master
Quick Reload TMlvl 40 5 tm points
Stone Strike (lvl 10)
Armor Destructor (lvl 1) TMlvl 40 1 learn/2 master (do not level past 1)
Lucky Sevens(Mastered)TM lvl 50 4 learn/3 master (when you learn this is up to you, you can learn Powershot and Shooting Spree first.

2nd Job

Powershot(Mastered)TMlvl 55 3 learn/3 master
Shooting Spree(Mastered) TMlvl 70 3 learn/3 master
Double Shot(Mastered) TMlvl 115 4 learn/ 3 master
Shield Breaker(Mastered) TMlvl 120 4 learn/4 master

FYI: the remaining inventor skills don't really need to be learned unless you have the extra TM Pistol whip (TMlvl 95) is a good skill but if u are not a LK lion or have good Luck gear it wont be as effective for you. Keen Sense,Leg Training, and Butt Plate learn only if you have extra TM. Update: Lock On Tm 110 is a new skill. Its a HV debuff skill based off of AC instead of Sticky Foot's DA based debuff. It takes 3 to learn and 3 to master. More info to be listed later.

3rd Job (Scientist)

Beserker(Mastered)TMlvl 135 4 learn/3 master
Revealing Eye(Mastered)TMlvl 130 3 learn/3 master
Gun Overdrive(Mastered)TMlvl 140 3 learn/3 master (Its a Gun AP buff however, it only works for regular shots. i believe it can be combo ed with Keen Sense.)

3rd Job (Cyber Hunter)

These skills are the same skills as explorers (2nd Job Foxes) but the TM reqs increased by 50. I'll guide you through what you should learn.

Aura of Luck(Mastered)TMlvl 120 4 learn/ 3 master
Landmine(Mastered)TMlvl 140 3 learn/ 3 master
Item Detector(Mastered)TMlvl 105 4 learn/ 3 master
(only if you have good DA gear a really good combo skill) Chain of Knives Tmlvl 80 (3 learn:4 Master) Needs Precise Pitch lvl 5 (Shuriken mastery lvl 10) It's about as strong as landmine.More DA based than anything but DA gear is easier to come by.

Any skill that follows that you can learn based on what you like to do. i recommend you learn Heavy Carrier and Master that for the extra 3360 WT. then learn Sticky Foot and lvl 10 it along with lvl 10 Armor Destructor and learn Sticky Icky (TMlvl 155 4 learn/ 3 master) the best debuff in a sense types arsenal.

Well that is my Gunner guide I hope it helps and expect more in the future.

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