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I must be the only one with a horrible family relationship.

My parents divorced early on, and spent more time squabbling instead of raising me. My father and I haven't been in any contact for 2 years now, I saw my mother about a few months ago, but that's about it.
My sibling relationship is very bad, I am the youngest out of my 5 siblings... and that's not why it is bad.
3 of my sisters and my brother did something cruel to me about 3 years ago. Ever since then, the only family contact I have is my youngest sister, who is 41 years of age. The rest are older by a year each and the brother is the youngest.
Hard to trust people who would stab you in the back for the words of a selfish person who hates you.
As for the numerous cousins and aunts/uncles, don't know them too well and haven't met most of them.

I think the only concept of family I'll be able to accept is my lover's family, who are very nice to me, and of course our own, when we make it ^^