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Originally Posted by xShadowKingx
First of all, both the 1st and the 2nd ss connect, with very little time lapse in between.
Second, you took like 3-4 screenshots during the chat, why post only 2?
Take out the parts where i said "quote 1, quote 2 etc, etc" and you'll have my review of the entire quote which pretty much says i didnt say it myself and that what i said makes sense for what you mentioned earlier about g size. You cant say i failed if you dont even read or give opinion of what i said geez.
"Yay mommy i can count how many sentences that guy wrote so it must all be FAIL"

EDIT: Please stay on topic, this is not a place for your personal harrassment. Make another thread if you just wanna post for harrassment.
Wow, take a moment and breathe Einstein. First of all, take a look at the first post in this thread and your own replies, then argue if i was on topic or not. Secondly, why are you trying so hard to blow this out of proportions? Cause otherwise you might have noticed it was all bascially a joke in the first place?

Since you're trying so hard to defend yourself and taking this so seriously, let's just drop it.