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Originally Posted by Sandrie
Just an FYI for a situation like this in general: If you are asking me to give out emails, then I'm probably going to say no. Emails are personal information so I'm not comfortable giving them out unless there is a very good reason. And no offense to the OP, but I wouldn't give it out to someone who has just recently joined and has few posts unless it's a REALLY good reason.

I don't want to set the precedent that it's "okay" just to ask for someone's email because "oh i knew them from x game from 5 years ago". I'm sure there has to be someone who knows more information, it would be better to ask someone who knew him personally (if not here, you can try the private server forums, you may have better luck there). Good luck on your search.

That being said if there's a legitimate reason go ahead and shoot me a PM.
Well, regardless over my post count and join date, I'm asking on behalf the guild leader of ~Crisis^. If you need a reference, her username on this forum is "selfdeception520", and she's just extremely concerned and heartbroken that coyskie has disappeared without a word. As you can see (if you go to the profile page the above user provided), she's posting on his page quite often every once in a while, knowing full-well that he doesn't log in; she said he forgot his log-in information a while before he disappeared.
No, she didn't ask me to search for him; I'm doing it because she and I are really good friends and I just want to help her find that player, mainly because she brings him up almost everyday (if not every week) and becomes emotional over it.

Sure, if sending you (admin) a PM increases the chances of finding him, then yeah I'll go ahead and do that.
The reason I've never joined here was because I used the forums over at Ntreev/SGI/Gamerage more frequently than here; and I frankly didn't see the point of using two different forums for the same game at the time, and I still don't; I'm just asking around here because the other forum is dead now.
I was thinking about asking at the private server forums, but I figured if no one here knows, how would they know? However, I'll try anyway if I'm wasting my time trying here.

Edit: So...I went to your profile, and cannot find any option to send you a private message. Am I supposed to just post at your comment section (or w/e it's called)? Other people would see it, wouldn't they? If that even matters.

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