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Default Searching for an old player

I just registered here today in attempt to find an old player who has mysteriously disappeared from eTO, a while before S2 even arrived.

So, does anyone know the whereabouts of a player named Mark? His full name I don't know, but his two characters were apparently a Dark Lord and a Gambler, whose names were s2cAoIyMs, s2cAoIyMs2, cAoIyM (or something like that, I don't know which one), and coyskie.

He belonged to the ~Crisis^ guild in the Jewelia World, and the guild master has been talking about him non-stop and doesn't know where he went, since he vanished without saying anything. I've never met him because I didn't play in Jewelia long before switching to Fantasia.

That's all I know about him right now. So does anyone know who or where he is? Or how to contact him in any way?

I hope I get responses some time.

Also, I don't know which section a question like this would belong to, so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong area.