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ggFTW was a different story compared to GrandChase. ggFTW was seriously overwhelming after all the forum changes and major new games bringing in newer people. I stepped down willingly because of that, but they kept me til there more moderators after. Grand Chase however, during the times when I worked with him, I was having major technical issues with the forum and the best I could do is collect all the reports I know and send them via 1:1 Support on a nearly daily basis - or otherwise notify the team what I couldn't do. I've sent the report of my technical issue to every GM that was in charge of the Player Moderators, and we've tried almost everything (from creating new accounts, changing browsers, figuring browser set ups, restarting the modems, etc. Whenever there's a site maintenance, it tends to work for a couple hundred posts and the Server Application Error would occur again, making it nearly impossible to post or use Mod CP and revert back to 1:1 Support or letting the mods know.

And to be honest, I have no idea what's up with Lloyd. He would ask me questions and such one moment when working together, then goes into a complete fit and not really talk to the team about what's going on and go straight to the GMs. To be honest, I thought he was a good player, but only recently found out he had a huge grudge about me. And what the people stated in his application did sum up him as well. One moment he sounds like a good worker if he needs something from someone, then the next moment feels like he will use everything he knows about you, against you. And I know a few friends of mine that complained to me about it, but there's really nothing I could do about his behavior. I'd rather not jump into deeper drama with him, nor bring anyone else into his situation, so I just ignore the things he says about me if he's having a grudge again.

As for the 'normal member' part, yeah I'm content with a lot of games that I've been a normal forum member in. It just feels itchy to see forums to be unorganized or not being maintained, so I would either report or volunteer. I was fine with MyTrickster when it was smaller, and like I said, after it became big with MyMMOGames/ggFTW, it became overwhelming. Grand Chase isn't too big of a community to me, so I volunteered as well. But even if I don't make it as a moderator, I'd still be content as long as the forum is maintained and well organized. I tend to read the forum a lot despite of the amount of posts I make.

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