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Hey people. For those who doesn't know me or remembers me, I've been a former moderator for Ntreev's Grand Chase since Jan 2009 and ended with GameRage's Grand Chase since March 2014 (Somehow I still have Moderator privileges even though the site is down. I guess they forgot to remove it). Kill3rCombo recently posted an application for those who's interested in becoming a Forum Moderator.

Since ggFTW helped me become moderator for Kill3rCombo's Elsword back in Summer 2011, maybe you can help me again to keep my Forum Moderator position Kill3rCombo's Grand Chase. Vote for me if you can at My Moderator Application - CujoEX - Grand Chase Forums - Beta. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me here or in the forum.

And I apologize if this is a form of advertising. If I was allowed to ask for support last time, I figured it would be alright this time as well. But regardless, thanks again for those who took their time to read this as always

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