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Originally Posted by Bng422
Last season's suit was Celestial Being Flag. It's not too extraordinary but looks balling.

Not sure about this season.

And honestly all I do is spam 00 Qan[T]. Not bragging or anything but I'm usually near untouchable when things start kicking off. Imagine the amount of games I had to win to get from 1000 to 1205 with an S rank with last season's numbers... shudder

Whoever lasts the longest in these games win because it's all just Rau Dinn spamming. Using my unlimited supply of SP downs just for these occasions.
lol using a shark ball right now and its hax.. getting +15 per win and -5 if I lose

Edit : A little tip : don't play after 12 (kr time) cuz you are prolly not gonna win a single game (just lost 35 points LOL)

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