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Originally Posted by WildxWoLF
-"ss'ed, shadow has a man"
-"Must be neko"
Shadowx3 - "and what if it is? D<"

~If that doesnt hint at something then u r just a blind chickenbutt
1st quote, you said, doesnt count.
2nd quote came from moi, he knows nothing about me, not even my name.
And again, neither of them i said myself.
"XD" doesn't mean anything except teh fact you're enjoying yourself.
And the quote you took from me, it makes no sentence sense.
"And what if it is? D<" isn't even a quote used to refer to someone, its used to refer to "it" an object which i was talking about my g size bewbies you guys started making rumors about >_>
Go back to school :3

So i ask again, evidence? o-o

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