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Originally Posted by Durandal
Got 1000G with my first envelope, hope to get better results the next days!

What does this part mean? If I convert those 10,000GO in M I lose this first pack of rewards? I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused with what it says in the end ^^"
You should still get that reward pack (SF Meteor etc) if you convert those GO Points to M since it's said "accumulated 10000 GO Points". But i'll ask my clan leader first, perhaps he knows better.

Originally Posted by MouMouMou
Q> I just finish register + login in game at around 12 PM, 29 Jan HK time.

For qualifying free S rank i must wait the next day? Because i still got error "對不起,您沒有領取獎勵的資格"
Yes, you need to wait until the next day at 12.00 HK time to get your free S rank.

Originally Posted by Kenshiro
I got 30k G on my login
Congratulations! I wonder if anyone here will get the jackpot? (88888 G)
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