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mikecxz will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by lxpandaxl
Yea, but with always 1 or 2 other Lions that 1 shot, It's still hard to compete. Even if I could 1 shot on my bun buns, I'd lose to them being ranged. Not to mention to advantage scaling of having Myshop items vs non-MS XD

But yea. I'll try killing Tut eventually, maybe at a really random time
whenever i do it, i do it at a really dead time, like 4AM(EST). there are usually only like 3 or 4 people in the room all the times i've gone then. as a bunny you should have dash, a sprint, and hope your (real life) luck is good enough for tut to spawn near you, or that you reach it first. they may have the range but your probably twice as fast at actually getting around the map.

edit: just remembered that some bosses also have a set spawn spot, or atleast contained to a very small area, the one i know for sure is tombeth, where 3 of them practically spawn on top of each other right where you come in.

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