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Originally Posted by lxpandaxl
It's alright. It's kinda fun starting fresh and without relying on Myshop. I'm getting some help though so the community isn't bad. Pretty easy to find friends to start new.

Overall, I think it's worth playing.
Only 1 Con, and a pretty big Con in my opinion:
Boss Rooms are public and spawn once in like 10 minutes, so the really strong just camp 24/7. Don't expect to be able to boss in rTO.
For example, in Tut Room, there's always 1 Lion that 1 shots Tut.
I'd expect that for every boss. I really hope they add solo boss rooms to give new players a chance... Oh well xDD
Tut is easy to one shot, its just time consuming because you have to TM grind either a bunny or lion to 120 (bunnies, tetra) and 115 (lions, double shot) without going over level 90. even my mediocre buffalo was able to do about 1/3rd of his HP and a single hit when i had berserk on, and i didn't even have any attributes, myshop, only bare minimum compounds (my real life luck is awful, even my lion with 200 LK hits bare minimum 75% of the time.)

other bosses are a PITA though, don't even bother with tombeth unless you have an absurd amount of AC/LK, and the respawn time on all the bosses is different. also, people were using inferno sets to one shot all the bosses so they patched them to be practically immune to fire.

anyways, the IGN of the character i play most is Gram, but im barely playing at all right now because im playing through Devil Survivor Overclocked and Soul Hackers, as well as the urge to finish Radiant Historia.

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