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Yeah, I would say the game seems a lot time consuming than it was before.
(faster leveling till about lvl 201)

But I do compliment maple story for its recent attempts at making skill(and or strategy) more necessary for victory.

example: Gollux needs a good amount of skill and pattern recognition to defeat.
Even after you find out how to properlly dodge gollux, you realize that you probally can't kill harder gollux alone, which bring the issue of learning how to dodge gollux..... while in a busy hectic larger party. (its a completely different experience from solo)

Also Recent updates in kms seems to do a very good job, adjusting content to better match the modern business models.

Best way to put it:
before unleashed, Maple was pretty good. Bit boring and no really major changes happened yet.

Unleashed: Nosedive into pay-2-win (no megusta)

RED: A sorta right step in the right direction

Dawnviel + a better maple: A few good steps. I hope they keep on improving x3x

FLY(KMS): Meh. Only a few character revamps

YOU and me + The SEED + eonwol(KMS): Another Big revamp. But this revamp seems to change ALOT of core mechanics of maplestory, making it more modern. Wonder if these changes are good or bad...(we won't know till later after gms implements it)