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Byakurai is an unknown quantity at this point

Originally Posted by setsuko
raged post warning
um i think "Special Stuck" is because of Your Internet Connection i got this too on KR Server.

btw KR Player not good to foreigners player like they used to in the past, there're alot as*h*le will kick you out of the room because you're foreigners or just because you killed them in match , i got this alot from the as*h*le named AYASAKIHAYATE01 ,last time i played with this guy i killed him 6 times in 3 matches and he's start say something to room master in Korean then:

AYASAKIHAYATE01: are you chinese ?
me: Keep Silent
AYASAKIHAYATE01: go home you fucking chinese
me: i'm not chinese
AYASAKIHAYATE01: fuck you chinese
me: < got kicked out of the room>

and i got kicked again today because of this as*h*le , if you choose KR Server you should prepare to get kicked , if not i think you should go to SEA or NA and sorry about my bad english, skip english Class alot and i rerget about it now