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Christmas eve was spent with my mom's side of the family, quite a few nieces and nephews but they were surprisingly not as destructive as usual, had a pretty good time overall and I like my aunts and uncles well enough since they're pretty down to earth and like to joke around.

Went to see one on my grandparents, had the usual small spread of food but was nice to see them, guessing I caught a bit of what my grandpa had because I was sick and did almost nothing but sleep for a few days after. Guess what he had was pretty contagious, still worth seeing him though.

Felt too crappy to really go anywhere the day after and mostly slept, small part of my dad's side came out to unwrap stuff and was able to get up and watch that. Decided to stay home later on in the evening when we were supposed to go see another set of grandparents though, I thanked them for the gifts over face book and apologized that I didn't feel up to going at all.

Despite getting sick, I can't honestly complain. XD