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Double G + Exp

Date : 11, 12 January
Time : 20.00 - 22.00 HK time.

Christmas Love Giveaway

Some players can't get this event last time, so now they make another one. But it looks like those who already get this event on 25th December can't get it again. Just log-in to the game on 7th January - 14th January to get :

- 5000 EXP Capsule (Full) x5
- CCM Extender x20
- Operator L (7 Days)

Event Rules:
1. Players must be on-line within the activity time, to accept the reward
2. Each account can only participate once.
3. Results achieved by players through illegal software or program vulnerability once discovered will be permanently blocked game account.
4. Official reserves the right to make the final decision!

And you can already get your reward from the 10 days PvP event. The website link is in the event translation post above.
Mobile Suit Gundam : Battle Operation - Xilvarron (JP Server)

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