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Originally Posted by adipiciu
1. So the bot will change from {{AP}} to {{TO AP}}, etc But what naming convention we should use for the rest? Dark Attr or Dark Attribute, Dark Resist or Dark Resistance?
If you ask me the question, i'd suggest to keep the same denomination that is used in-game. So that ppl who wants to update the wiki by adding new gears will only have to copy the in-game description word-for-word, thus limiting the risk of mistakes.

Correct me if i'm wrong, it should read like this:

*Base stats:
{{TO AP}}
{{TO AC}}...
no problem for those.

*Elemental Attr:
{{TO Darkness Attr}} instead of short-"Dark"
{{TO Light Attr}}
{{TO Air Attr}}
{{TO Electricity Attr}} instead of short-"Electric"
{{TO Fire Attr}}
{{TO Soil Attr}}
{{TO Water Attr}}

*Elemental Resist:
Honestly I don't know if "Tolerance" was just the ancient name for "Resist", or if the effects are somehow different. As for "Resistance", I've never seen any in-game gears using this word. So the word is: "Resist"

{{TO Darkness Resist}} instead of short-"Dark", same as above
{{TO Light Resist}}
{{TO Air Resist}}
{{TO Electricity Resist}} instead of short-"Electric"
{{TO Fire Resist}}
{{TO Soil Resist}}
{{TO Water Resist}}

{{TO Critical Probability}}
{{TO Normal Block Probability}} instead of short-"Block Probability"

As for the Sense Breaker/ Skunk/ Mana web/ siuhgsrgiuhg Protection, gears using them have yet to be found ;O

Btw, good luck coding the bot