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Default Long Shot but I can Try.

I'm looking for an old friend of mines. We met and played together on Trickster for a long time. I'm not sure if anyone knows him or even kept contact with him, since he's not as known in the MT community, to my knowledge. He's my close friend though, and I care a lot about him. Unfortunately, because I was immature and clueless, we stopped talking to each other about 4-5 years ago, back on Mabinogi. The only email I have of him is his personal and it's pretty old, so I'm not sure if he still checks it. I sent him one last month, but no replies. I assume he's busy with his life, and I understand that.

I don't want to put his name out because that would sound really creepy, but I know he's a Dark Lord Dragon back in Jewelia.

My wish is to at least apologize to him for how my behavior and to show him that I matured the past few years or so.

Thanks and I'm sorry for sounding really weird.

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