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Originally Posted by FonSpark
Nicely done.

You should mention that M2W2 does splash damage so it's actually easy to hit with this.

And M2W1's slowness is unbearable only after first hit, so whenever you fail to catch someone in melee, you can stop after your second hit.

An alternative way is to play parts that increase melee speed, with 3x parts like that, you can cancel after 1st melee hit but this build is pretty much obsolete vs assault build imo
Woah, i actually forgot quite a lot of things. Thanks, Fon.
For the custom part, i never thought about fixing the mode 2 w1 because i've already gotten used to it. So rather than fixing it, i'd rather add more speed and damage instead.

But it's still work nowadays imo, most of my Crossbone X-1s actually use part that increase melee speed rather than the usual Speed/Assault part build. I don't know why, i just prefer it.
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