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Default [MS Review] Unicorn Gundam "Banshee" (NT-D) by Silvary

Unicorn Gundam "Banshee" (NT-D) by Silvary

Hello again, this time i will be reviewing the [S] Unicorn Gundam "Banshee" (NT-D). In the MS Review thread, i have said that i will be reviewing the SRudim, but since my last review is already an SR rank, i decided to review this unit instead.

Fighter type : Close-range

Mode 1 :

Weapons :

W1 : Armed Armor VN (Closed Form)

Does 1200 damage each hit, 5 hits to knockdown.
It's supposed to be a dual wielding beam saber (beam saber and beam tonfa), but it got patched, and now Banshee only punch in this weapon. But the sound it makes when this weapon attacks still sounds like a beam saber, though. Hits fast, easy to MCA.

W2 : Vulcans

Does 90 damage each hit, double shot, 4 shot burst. Have 10 shot ammo, and reloads fast.
This is your only ranged weapon in mode 1. The range is a little longer than ordinary vulcan, but still shorter than a beam rifle. "Vulcans" maybe sounds weak in Gundam series. But in here, it actually hurts.

W3 : Armed Armor VN (Closed Form Combo)

Does 1750 damage each hit, and it's a 2-part attack.
This weapon hurts a lot. Especially if you crit someone with this.

Special Attack : Melee Special

Dom : NONONONONONO PLEASE SPARE MY LIFEE (Seriously, look at Dom's eye)


Mode 2 :

Weapons :

W1 : Armed Armor VN (Open Form)

Does 1225 damage each hit, 5 hits to knockdown.
Now Banshee no longer punches you, it smacks you with that huge claw in it's left hand. Not so fast, and a little hard to MCA. If you want to MCA with this weapon, it's best to do that after the second hit.
A little trivia for those who don't know yet : VN stands for Vibrating Nails. One of my friend said that the vibrating left hand in Banshee's mode 2 is a glitch, but it's actually how it is. Even in the OVA.

W2 : Armed Armor BS

Does 1600 damage each shot. Have 3 shot ammo, reloads gradually. Reload rate is medium.
Your main ranged weapon in Banshee (NT-D). It even hurts more than white NinTenDo's Beam Magnum (It does 1450 damage each hit), and it hits farther as well. The downside is, it doesn't have lots of ammo for you to spam it all the time. This weapon also has Splash damage, means it's easy to hit your enemies with this. Isn't that one nice weapon we have here?
A little trivia for those who don't know yet : BS stands for Beam Smart gun. Yes, means it's basically the same weapon that EX-S Gundam uses.

W3 : Armed Armor VN (Open Form Combo)

A 2-part dash attack, and each hit does 175 damage. Inflicts Slow. Reload rate is medium.
The Banshee rams people's faces with the huge claw. If you use both part in an enemy, your W1 melee will knockdown your enemy in third hit.

Special Attack : Beam Special

Skills :

When the unit's health drops below 70%, the unit changes to Destroy Mode and the unit's movement speed, boost duration, boost recovery, and search distance are increased. The unit also redirects nearby enemy funnels to attack their original users. On activation, this skill does slight damage and stun to surrounding units.

Changes Banshee's mode, makes you sleeker, and also makes the enemies eat their own funnel. Caution : sometimes this skill activation can trap you as well, more on this later.

Enhanced Human's Fate (Banshee NT-D)
When the units' health drops below 50%, the unit's speed is increased, defense against long-range weapons is increased and the unit requires an additional hit to knock down.

Veteran Infighter-ish with added bonus, but with lower HP requirement.

- How do you use this unit, Silvary? -

I know, my name is kinda hard to be shortened lol. Ehm, back to topic.

-Change Mode = Change Playstyle
In mode 1, with no long-ranged weapon, i quickly smack people, and then get out again. Banshee's mode 1 can deal great amount of damage in a short time, especially that W3. Use it in melee combo, and crit people with it if you can. It hurts so much and if you do it right, that poor guy you've smacked should have his/her HP halved, at least. Some might even goes kaboom, especially a lower ranked unit.

But in mode 2, i'd rather stay a little bit farther, and use that W2 whenever i can. And since it doesn't meant to be spammable like the Beam Magnum, i compensate it by attacking nearby enemies with the dash attack, hit them with the melee and get out again. The W1 in mode 2 feels a little sluggish, so i don't really depend on it.

-NT-D Activation Self-trapping Possibility
Beware of this. What's about it that'll 'trap yourself'? If you're in the middle of melee-ing people in mode 1, and NT-D activates, you changes mode and that makes you pause for a bit. If your enemy have good ZBS, you will be the one who getting melee'd instead. Isn't that ironic, if you're getting destroyed when you turn Destroy mode.

*Oh no, so what should i do??
Rather than do ZBS with that W1, I usually use the dash attack immediately at the moment i turn NT-D when i melee people. But remember, your default weapon when you changes mode is not the W3 (It's the W1), so you'll have to switch to W3 first.

-Skill part : Art of fighting
I don't really use skill parts in Banshee a lot. But for me, i'll use this one to make my melee damage goes even higher.

Custom Parts Build

-Speed type
Level 9 Booster Module Type B
Level 10 Turbo Motor Type A
Level 10 Turbo Motor Type C

I only have tried one Custom Part build for Banshee and i have to say i'm satisfied with it. Makes you move faster, makes your weapon hurts more. The minus is that you get -8 defence, which doesn't matter a lot for me. Banshee (NT-D) is not that fragile, and being faster means you should be able to dodge attacks more.

-Close Combat type
Level 3 Dedicated Close-Range OS
Level 6 Dedicated Close-Range OS Type B
Level 11 Dedicated Close-Range OS Type C

A suggestion from FonSpark. Makes your Mode 2 W1 more usable. You now can smack people's faces with the claw more fluently


I don't think i have mentioned anything about this, but my computer wouldn't let me do that. So i'm sorry that i can't give you any personal vids for now. I'll post a gameplay video from Youtube instead, created by a player that you all should know well.


I made this unit quite a while ago, around the time HK gets the Gen 6 update, and i still love it. This unit can deals great amount of damage in both mode. I myself prefer Banshee NT-D than the Unicorn NT-D, because of how it plays. It's a fun unit to use, and i don't regret making it a single bit. Getting the AR Banshee from CCM takes quite a number from my points, but for me, it's worth it.

Aaaaand that's it. If you have any question/suggestion, feel free to post it below. Until next time~
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