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Originally Posted by PKShota
No, it's the end of Volume 1.

And no, that's not "Season" 1. If I'm correct, there's 2 Volumes in a Season for RWBY, so the next half of the season is currently in development and no one knows when it'll be out.

And just an FYI, I believe I found someone saying Monty has already thought of up to a Season 3 for RWBY.
Thanks for the info, I haven't even finished episode 2 yet...or I think it's part of episode 2...uhh, I'm confused again.

How long is one episode? I mean I watched a 6 min one which is just after the first episode which I'm sure is the first episode but is that 6 min the 2nd episode or just part of the second episode?

Sorry I'm just being confused.