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Hi, am back this time cause it is Eternal! Ok, anyway if you just download a bunch of new files before KR server enter into Season V, they would load with the game but sound-wise....

List of them not working:
Sieg 2nd 3rd 4th job, 1st job for his cash skills
Jin 3rd job 4th job, 1st job cash skills
Amy 4th job, 1st job cash skills
Mari all jobs
Dio all jobs
Rin all jobs
Zero all jobs
Ley all jobs
Rufus all jobs
Lime all jobs
Asin all jobs

Trying to find out which files could still work.. be back later.

EDIT: By the way if you use your old files that worked with after Dio 4th and before this patch, it should work.

EDIT2: Also, Arme's 1st and 2nd job seemingly can't charge their MP while standing still. Not sure if it is a bug on their side.

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