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Originally Posted by Blanku
Holy crap I was JUST going through my screenshot folder not even a week ago and was thinking of you and the guildies and everyone and-

This just takes my feelings and puts them into words and just-
I really miss you all too, and honestly just looking through all my stuff -quotes from you all, group pictures (remember the great poppuricia raid we did?) has been inspiring to me, especially since i'm trying to work myself out of a creative rut and wanted to get back to my Trickster story... (like as in actually start writing it instead of just character profiles)

Okay so basically I wanna say I miss you all, I hope you're all doing alright and I wonder how you're all doing lately, and i'd love to stay connected with any of you who read this.

To that end, I will make a serious commitment to drop by here at least twice a week. minimum.AND!
if anyone's interested at all, even if it's just like, two people, I will start up a tumblr just for posting screens. (and more fanfic of course!)

OMG like.....i miss you yall dun even know....the feels D: i wish we could all make more happy memories Q.Q
N id love to help with the story if u like ^^
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